Where are we:

On the left side of Ferradura Beach, in Armação dos Búzios, in front of Samuca's bar. There you can talk to Claudio Ribeiro.

We work when the rest of the people take their day off: Weekends, school holldidays, and national and carioca days off, from 8:30 until the last client or sundown. If the weather is rainy, please call at the phone 0xx22 99950017 to set something up.


Wakeboard also for beginners. See our boat:

It can also provide a lot of fun for intermediate riders and even for advanced ones. For those who never did wakeboard before, we recommend learning first water skiing. Water skiing also for beginners

Have a lot of fun riding day off's big banana ski, where there's always room for everyone. Everyone can fall in the water or can have a lighter ride, more for sightseeing inside the beautiful Ferradura's fringe.

Buoy ski
Have a lot of fun riding the buoy ski, and double the fun going with a friend next to you in another buoy. When we go for the turn, one buoy may bump against the other one.

Be also acquainted with the other side of Armação dos Búzios Health Resort:

Departing from Ferradura Beach you can know Geribá Beach and Tucuns Beach, stopping on the return en Ferradurinha beach, in beautiful boat trips. This service won't be available if the weather and sea conditions aren't the best. We'll depart preferentially at 9:00, and the maximum in each trip is 5 people. You can arrange that on the phone 0xx22 99950017 with Claudio.

Here are some flashes of fun with Day Off de Búzios

Our equipment: 18' boat, with a 125 horsepower motor. In Ferradura Beach we dispose also of sailing services: classes and rent - Happy Surf.

Contact us:
  • Tel. 55 22 99950017
  • claudioh@dayoff.com.br
  • HP: www.dayoff.com.br